ADV Titanium Motor Bolts

M8 x 30mm Titanium Alloy, Grade 5 Bolts

Rusted motor bolts cramping your style? These Titanium bolts have the corrosion resistance to keep your ride looking fresh and the strength to hold it together tight.

These bolts are M8 x 30mm which is the correct size for both the Rail to Mount Block* and the Mount Block to Motor connection.

Torque Spec: Min 13Nm - Max 16Nm

*Keen customers might note that the stock bolts for the Rail to Mount Block connection are 40mm long.
We can assure you that the bolts that came with the board are too long and extend out the back of the Mount Block.
There is no benefit to be gained from the oversized bolts.

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Quantity Set of 8 or Set of 4 or Individual
Finish Black or Rainbow or Half&Half